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About This Site

This site is dedicated and committed to educating fellow Ethiopians on the sanctity of human life in all its stages (from conception to its natural birth and death) and on the inalienable rights to life endowed to all human-beings by the Creator and the Sustainer of all lives on this Planet Earth of our! Thus , this blog site is committed to presenting persuasive and useful arguments and raising social awareness and human consciousness utilizing various audio-visual means and materials available in the Internet for those purposes thought to be helpful educating larger populations and in the defense of the sacred rights to birth and the pursuit of happiness of all those yet unborn and those unwanted babies destined to destruction before their live births, as nowadays are being openly debated and intensively campaigned on the country’s public televisions and other media in Ethiopia.

abba-tesfamariam_vaticanThe author of this blog site is a clergyman of Ethiopian descent holding a US citizenship who has been deeply appalled and disappointed by the Government’s and its affiliate agencies’ or partners’ overpopulation reduction plan in Ethiopia and the methods implemented how to achieve it: especially, the aggressive plans of using those morally controversial Reproductive Health and Family Planning programs and methods (supported by the infamous and morally controversial groups’ , such as the United State’s  Planned Parenthood’s ungodly philosophy) in the name of solving the persistent and chronic poverty problems of the country. The clergyman is a long-time activist involved in the pro-life issues and causes in the United States of America. Therefore, this blog-site will be using and posting many helpful audio-visual materials produced for educational purposes on the subjects dealing with ethics and morality relating to methods of pregnancy prevention and termination that threatens the sanctity of human life in all its stages!

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