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Nigerian Pro-Life Movement

What Ethiopian people can learn from other nations of African Continent regarding the sacredness of human life? The sole purpose of this page is educational to help Ethiopians learn how to protect in their own country the sanctity of human life from its conception to its natural birth in accordance with the Creator’s divine procreation plan and Nature’s life propagation process. The following videos show activism of those concerned Nigerians to protect voiceless and defenseless unborn babies from being destroyed through abortions. Ethiopians need to stand up, like other courageous peoples around the world, for the rights of unborn babies in Ethiopia and speak out in defense of the voiceless and defenseless victim human beings that are being exterminated before their births in the name of reproductive health of women and family planning for economic reasons to reduce poverty! In other words, Ethiopians need to have courage to say “NO” to culture of death in their country when it comes about innocent conceived defenseless human beings whose human rights are terribly violated.

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