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Abortion in Ethiopia




    ABORTION IN ETHIOPIA—FAST FACTS. In Ethiopia, one in seven women die from pregnancy-related causes, and unsafe abortion causes more than half of the 

  2. Ipas | Ethiopia

    Ipas Ethiopia has become a regional leader in establishing safe abortion services and creating reproductive health networks.

  3. Defend the Rights of Unborn Babies in Ethiopia!


    Nov 8, 2013 – Ethiopia Family Planning  Is Abortion Safe? Abortion  in Ethiopiaby common and wide-spread abortions and other related anti-life methods.

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  4. [PDF]

    Facts on Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion in Ethiopia (PDF)

    Abortion in Ethiopia. CONTEXT. • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every year, nearly 5.5 million African women have an unsafe abortion.

  5. New Study Provides First Countrywide Assessment of Abortion in 

    Apr 13, 2010 – Four years after the abortion law was liberalized, only a quarter of allabortions in Ethiopia occur in safe and legal settings. According to recent 

  6. The estimated incidence of induced abortion in Ethiopia, 2008.

    by S Singh – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 36 – ‎Related articles

    CONTEXT: Unsafe abortion is an important health problem in Ethiopia; however, no national quantitative study of abortion incidence exists. In 2005, the penal 

  7. 20.2.4 Legal aspects of abortion in Ethiopia – Antenatal Care 


    Prior to 2004, abortion was permitted in Ethiopia only to save a woman’s life, protect her  According to the new penal code, adopted in 2004, abortion is not 



    ETHIOPIA. Penal Code, Proclamation No. 158 of 1957. Section II. Offences against life unborn abortion. Art. 528. Principle. (1) The deliberate termination of a 

  9. ETHIOPIA – Harvard School of Public Health


    (3) A pregnant woman who consents to an act of abortion except as  Technical and Procedural Guideline for Safe Abortion Services in Ethiopia , May 2006.

  10. Step By Step, Ethiopia Pushes Back Unsafe Abortion


    Apr 13, 2010 – Ethiopia is leading the way in reducing maternal deaths from unsafeabortion through liberalized abortion laws and changes in the health care 

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