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Ethiopia: Morality Issues

The following video is extremely offensive and controversial to the morality of innocent believers and who are religious according to their beliefs and who accept and cherish the sanctity of human life and the process of its creative act the way God as Creator designed it and planned it. Any artificial human intervention to this natural creative process is considered as morally wrong and sinful act of preventing pregnancy or termination of pregnancy which is accepted as an inhumane act of destroying or killing the already fertilized, conceived, and developing human life in the woman’s womb.

This video is posted on this page only for the purpose of education to know how humans interfere in the creative work of God by stopping or terminating the unwanted pregnancy or child which is morally wrong! The viewer is requested not to think or consider what you learn or see in it as morally or religiously acceptable or right act to practice because directly violate God’s law of procreation of life! 

Those who are willing to postpone having children or reducing the number of children they want to have are encouraged to use not artificial contraceptive methods that is morally wrong but rather to use the morally acceptable natural methods of family planning in order to avoid the immoral act of killing of fertilized or conceived human life in the womb! The teaching and training presented in the following video directly conflicts with the teachings and belief systems of most Christian churches and other conservative religious groups who see the presentations as morally offensive and unacceptable.

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