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Letter to Pres. Barack Obama


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20th  January, 2009

President Barack Obama,
President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

His Excellency,

Towards a Unified and Prosperous World: The African Policy 

It is with great pleasure that, the African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC) and the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) congratulate you, as the new President of the United States of America. The election of your person as president, has shown that the Great American People along with people elsewhere in the World, are yarning for a new World order of peace, unity, human dignity and respect for all human life, from its beginning at conception (as defined by the World Medical Association) to its dignified end at death.  We hope to engage your administration on a number of issues, already being discussed with other G8 and World leaders.

The first issue is on the ‘Biological Colonization of Africa’. On 27th July 2007, the African Anti-abortion Coalition (AAAC) wrote to the heads of governments of G8 countries, to protest the “tie of foreign aid to Africa to abortion rights.” This unfortunate link between abortion and foreign aid was made in the G8 ‘Africa Action Plan’ document, at the G8 summit held in the UK, on 7th July 2005. Copies of the AAAC protests were made available to all African and World leaders, international organizations including the UN, World Bank, EU Parliament, and international press (see letters in the enclosed data file CD). A number of governments and international agencies reacted to the AAAC letter, to clarify their positions. Among these responses were letters from the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Canadian Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, World Bank and European Commission. The AAAC alleged that, the recent proabortion push in Africa was driven by the need in industrialized countries to supply over 100 million ovarian eggs and embryonic tissues annually, to support embryonic stem cell research, and perfect the somatic cell nuclear transfer techniques (SCNT). The international proabortion organizations have stepped up activity, using new sources of funding of no less than $10 billion US dollars annually, (each egg was sold at a cost of £11,000 by IPPF, Nordica, London Bridge Clinic, as mentioned in the EU report on Human Egg Trafficking, enclosed in the accompanying data file CD).  The unholy alliance of governments, biotechnology firms and proabortion organizations, was based on the perceived economic windfall estimated to grow into trillions of US Dollars, in the next few years, presuming success in the embryonic stem cell research. The prolife groups in Africa, decried the conflict of interest of billionaire philanthropists, who provide financial aid for proabortion programs in Africa, but at the same time stand to gain trillions of US dollars from their biotechnology companies, for which the embryonic and fetal tissues were obtained from Africa. The AAAC demanded an end to the effort by biotechnology firms and international proabortion organizations, to use Africa to support the ongoing clinical trials in embryonic stem cell research.

More specifically, the proabortion groups comprising a conglomerate of  billionaire businessmen, biotechnology firms, international proabortion organizations (International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), IPAS, London Bridge Clinic, Nordica, UNFPA and others) influenced  the G8 leaders to pressure African heads of states to accept debt relief, and all other forms of development aid on the condition that, African countries legalize abortion through coercive international protocols, as stated in THE PROTOCOL TO THE AFRICAN CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN AFRICA – Articles #14 (1a, 2c), #26, and  MAPUTO PLAN OF ACTION. Essentially, African governments were forced to sign the death warrant of their citizens, in exchange for so-called development aid and debt relief.

Leading experts in Africa, addressed these issues at a Pro-Life conference on the theme “African Children Under Extinction”, held at the Pan-African University Lekki Lagos, Nigeria on February 23rd, 2007, where United States Congressman Christopher Smith was the guest speaker. Over 300 groups including experts from across Africa noted that, Western countries have imposed very strict ethical guidelines for use of both embryonic and fetal stem cells in the USA and EU countries, but have not demanded that same apply in Africa, before endorsing legalization of abortions. The G8 leaders did not heed to the call by the World Medical Association, warning of the danger of enslaving the poor in under-privileged countries to biological slavery, forcing them to trade their human fetal and embryonic tissues as well as human ovarian eggs for money for food, to the benefit of biotechnology firms in industrialized countries.

The experts urged African governments through their heads of states, to reject all foreign aid tied to abortion. The participants described the action of international proabortion organizations as rising to the level of ‘crimes against humanity’, and called for a full investigation by the UN and US congress. Petitions were signed and delivered to the inter-parliamentary committees of the AU, urging the expulsion of IPPF, IPAS,  UNFPA, London Bridge Clinic, and Nordica from African countries. A call was made to prosecute offenders at the international human rights criminal court (e.g IPPF, Nordica, London Bridge Clinic see data file CD EU report on human egg trafficking), who have setup a thriving ‘Trans-Atlantic Human Egg and Embryonic Tissue Trafficking from Africa to Europe and America’ against Article 3 of the UN Protocol on Human Trafficking.

The AAAC in a letter dated 7th July 2008, to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, detailed the report of the joint meeting of the theological and scientific councils, which described the theological implications and economic consequences of the action of the G8 leaders for the United Kingdom, in view of the British Embryology Law. The AAAC letter (see enclosed data file CD) specifically warned of an impending severe economic crisis in the last five months of 2008 and the consequences thereafter. The economic downturn particularly in G8 countries was viewed as a process of ‘wealth transfer’, by which, capital moved away from all multi-national companies, who financed the biotechnology firms involved in embryonic stem cell research and trafficking from Africa. The list of these companies compiled from websites of clinical trials showed that, even though they were mainly financial institutions, it also listed companies in other areas of the economy. An even more gloom prospect, awaits the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry directly involved in these clinical trials. Their shares will loose value, and the companies would be sold for a dollar to nations with zero tolerance for abortion and contraception. Individual and sovereign wealth funds especially in the Gulf States have been set aside for this purpose. The survivors would be those, who disengage totally from this area of research, and focus on use of adult stem cells, that is ethically licit. AAAC views the present economic downturn as a divine warning to the nations in ethical and moral crisis of abortion and contraception. The reversal of the present economic woes would only be brought about, by a total halt on the assault on embryonic Life and a roll-back of legalization of abortion, contraception and euthanasia. No amount of bailout money would make a difference rather, it will deepen the crisis. AAAC has urged Western leaders to seek consultation with the Church.  We humbly suggest that you meet with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the USA, to assist America workout the Penitential rites to be undertaken for the atonement of these sins of abortion and contraception. It is ONLY in full compliance to these religious rites, would the economic downturn be reversed, with assured unprecedented future prosperity. But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth – Deut 8:18.

AAAC further articulated the main issues of the Millennium Development Goals for Africa, in a letter to the G8 and African Leaders (see data file CD titled AAAC letter – Reply to G8 Leaders – Facts and Figs on abortion). AAAC demonstrated that, the promotion of condom use by international aid programs in Africa, have only led to a rising incidence of HIV/AIDS. Simply, the higher the condom use in Africa, they higher the HIV transmission among 36 black African countries, based on WHO/UNAIDS data available as Reproductive Health Indices at the website. We support the current US government policy of Abstinence approach for HIV/AIDS prevention, which is the only scientifically proven approach that has worked in Africa, by lowering HIV/AIDS prevalence in Uganda from over 30% to fewer than 6% (see enclosed data file CD for: S Okware, J Kinsman, S Onyango, A Opio and P Kaggwa. Revisiting the ABC strategy: HIV prevention in Uganda in the era of antiretroviral therapy.  Postgrad. Med. J. 2005; 81: 625-628). AAAC dispelled as not tenable the argument that, contraceptive use (including condoms) reduced maternal mortality, but rather demonstrated that 50% contraceptive use would result in 35% HIV/AIDS infection among African women (WHO/UNAIDS data). Furthermore, AAAC maintained that the rising rate of abortions in Africa was responsible for the rising maternal mortality rate and increasing poverty. It was further demonstrated that, even in Europe, more abortions created more poverty. AAAC urged the leaders to address the pandemia of sexual harassment in the workplace and study institutions in Africa, which is a significant source of abortions in Africa.

Conference participants regretted the use of vaccines for tetanus, polio, and malaria by proabortion advocates for population control, as is believed by many people living in Africa. The latter has led to a loss of confidence among the people, in the use of vaccines as an effective control against infectious diseases. This has resulted in a persistent reservoir of infection that could otherwise be wiped out. The group advised national and international quality control to restore faith in use of vaccines in Africa.

The growth in world population, has led modern day Malthusian economists who dominate the international agencies, to seek for ways to cut population growth. Let us briefly review the facts of history. Up until 1500s, there had been next to no growth in output per worker for the average human for millennia. Even in 1800, the average human alive had a material standard of living (and an economic productivity level) at best twice that of the average human alive in the year 0001. The problem was not that there was no technological progress. On the contrary there was, and humans continued to innovate. It was only after 1800 do we see large sustained increases in worldwide standards of living attributable to population growth. After 1800 human population grew to a total of 6 billion in October 1999. Population growth on a world scale accelerated from a rate of 0.2% per year between 1500 and 1800 to 0.6% per year between 1800 and 1900, 0.9% per year between 1900 and 1950, 1.9% per year between 1950 and 1975, and—in the first slowing of the global rate of population growth–1.6% per year from 1975 to 2000. Similarly, average rates of material output per capita, which grew at perhaps 0.15% per year between 1500 and 1800, grew at perhaps 1.0% per year worldwide between 1800 and 1900, and have grown at an average pace of perhaps 2.0% per year worldwide between 1900 and 2000. In other words, material output has surpassed the pace of growth in population growth worldwide. At a conference on Debt Burden and Development in Africa: Problems and Prospects, organized by the Whelan Research Academy in Owerri, Nigeria in 2005 (see paper on Mechanics of World Incomes Order and Inevitability of Debt-burdened People – Osuagwu CG.), participants dismissed Malthusian concerns about population growth and poverty, rather pointed out that the problem is inequity in wealth distribution. Bourguignon and Morrison in “The Size Distribution of Income Among World Citizens: 1820-1990” (see enclosed data file CD) showed that, percent share of income to the bottom quintiles (20 percent) of the World population decreased continuously, while percent share of the top quintile increased continuously. The mechanics of an unregulated market economic system would systematically transfer income from the poor to the rich over time. The latter is the source of poverty and calls for a new World economic order. The poor you always have with you, Matthew 26:11.

Africa has the natural and agricultural resources to grow food that could feed the entire World, but the lack of human capacity to do the work, has crippled efforts to increase food production even for subsistence use, resulting in hunger crisis across the continent. It is irrational to suggest that Africa is over-populated. The facts are that, in most African countries, the population density ranges from 2 – 110 people per sq Km. In Europe, the population density ranges from 350 – 450 people per sq Km.  Africa also faces the prospect of further depopulation from wars and disease. Therefore, AAAC dispelled the argument of international proabortion organizations like UNFPA, that Africa needs to be depopulated. The UNFPA recommends that African countries decrease their population, but European countries increase birth once population density falls in certain regions to 300 people per sq Km. UNFPA policy advisory to African countries obviously lacks rationale. A review of World economic history from the 1500s to the present day, demonstrated that population density is the main engine of economic and industrial development. It appears that the critical population density before any country spirals into high economic and industrial development is about 300 per sq Km, which was attained by India, China and the Asian tigers in the past ten years. The UNFPA, IPPF and IPAS by advocating population control in Africa, seeks to obliterate any prospects of African countries attaining economic self reliance. This clearly shows that, the work of the UNFPA in Africa is against the national interest of African countries therefore, the conference participants recommended expulsion of UNFPA, IPPF and IPAS from African countries. Furthermore, all non-governmental organizations in Africa were urged to oppose any development aid that is geared towards population control.

Another issue closely related to population control in Africa, is climate change. The proabortionists have used climate change issues to support their Africa depopulation agenda. The facts are that, it will take a thousand Africans to fill the carbon foot print of one person in any industrialized country. Unfortunately, the main issues of climate change have been set aside, but rather worthless efforts and arguments have taken center stage. The central issues of climate change were addressed by scientists at a conference on ‘Mission to Mars: The African Perspective, held on 22nd – 23rd, October, 2007, at Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Participants agreed that climate change was man-made but disagreed with conventional knowledge that carbon emissions were the major driving force. Theoretical nuclear physicists at the conference maintained that, climate is determined by the natural processes of fermion-boson asymmetry and particle-antiparticle annihilation taking place in the fermion-boson world. However, in the past 10 years in some industrialized countries, deliberate experimentation using ultra high energy particle accelerators, have induced forces largely responsible for abnormal climate change (see enclosed CD Climate Change by Prof. Amagh Nduka). The physicists noted that the use of ultra high-energy particle accelerators in Northern Europe, could release enough energy to melt the Artic polar ice, and may cause earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean. The discussion among participants pointed to greed motivating the rush for Artic Black Gold – oil, and melting of the ice to mine oil. The climate change discussion on carbon emissions was mainly diversionary rather than substantive, and may have prompted the United States Government, India, and China to opt out of the scientifically baseless commitments to cut carbon emissions in the Kyoto Protocol. Scientists at the conference agreed that, the attempt to get African countries involved in the Kyoto Protocol by buying off carbon emission quotas will further eclipse industrialization efforts on the continent. However, if buying carbon quotas are in exchange for investments in provision of water, electricity, roads, schools etc, it could have added value. AAAC supports cutting carbon emissions for healthier environment. The conference participants called for a more productive action on climate change, which must include as first order of business, a UN ban on use of ultra high energy particle accelerators, as a real measure to prevent climate change.

Finally, we urge you to bring humanity closer together for a prosperous future. This year, we celebrate the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth and the 150th Anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, a book which has influenced, inspired and informed nearly every scientific discipline. Darwinists and Neo-Darwinists intend to lunch another century marked by their prevailing mindset of ‘survival of the fittest’, killing of the poor, weak and the unborn for the survival of the rich, famous and powerful. It must be remembered that this Darwinistic mindset of survival of the fittest led humanity to two devastating World Wars, Nazism, Fascism, Racism, Apartheid, Eugenics, Colonialism, Neocolonialism and Imperialism. It is unimaginable how much harm could come from one misguided mental construct of selectionism instead of natural diversity. Regrettable, Neo-Darwinists of our time advocate Biological Colonialism, with assault on Life and killing of the little ones at embryonic stage in poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The have more lethal methods hidden from the necked eyes, rather than ferry African slaves at the rate of 50,000 annually across the Atlantic to Europe and America as their predecessors did, they fly millions of African embryos in test tubes to the same destinations undetected. Rather than gather slaves in chains at African seaports for transport in the basement of poorly ventilated ships, they extract embryos and store in deoxygenated frozen containers. After two centuries of domination of Darwinism enough is enough, mankind is ready for a new beginning. This new beginning was the sounding theme of Change during your electoral campaign, and captivated the imagination of the American people and peoples everywhere in the World. This is the truth and only but the truth. Where do we go from here?

First, we need a global town hall meeting centered on the discussion Who Are We? We must see our human similarity as unifying and our diversity as the basis of our strength in mutual complimentarity. We must move away from the Darwinistic approach of seeing diversity in our nature as evidence of natural selection of the strong over the weak, rather natural diversity is for the strong to thrive and the weak to be protected. We must understand that a World without diversity is not sustainable. Humanity must include all peoples, even the little people beginning at conception. We must grant full rights of citizenship to those of us, who happen to be at the embryonic stage of development but could catch up with us only nine months later. We must defend their rights under the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We must accord full human dignity to all, even at the point of death. The rights of the embryo citizen must be protected by law (seen enclosed data file CD: Law on Invitro fertilization – LIFE ACT). The AAAC and GPA are humbly requesting that you declare a Decade of Mutual Complimentarity for Humanity (2010 – 2020)’. During these ten years, humanity will explore our mutual complimentarity as man and woman (Gender Complimentary), as family units of a nation (Families Complimentarity), as diverse people of a nation (Peoples Complimentarity), as nations states in economic, social and political unions (Nations Complimentarity) and finally at a global scale (Global Complimentarity).  Studies in science, economics, culture and religion will highlight mutual complimentarity. For example, in economics, we will seek models to explain what goods are produced where and why, as well as the basis for international trade with the aim to improve access for all. The Paul Krugman’s model (2008 Nobel Prize Laureate in economics) could be applied to derive a new World system of international trade between poor countries and industrialized nations, creating prosperity for all. The global capitalist market system could be replaced with a more robust collaborative and regulated market system.  In science, the NIH, NSF and other granting agencies will be challenged to make awards directed at elucidating issues of gender differences in neurobiology (see attached data file CD: Njemanze PC. Cerebral lateralization and general intelligence: Gender differences in a transcranial Doppler study. Brain and Language 92 (2005) 234–239; Njemanze PC. Cerebral lateralisation for facial processing: Gender-related cognitive styles determined using Fourier analysis of mean cerebral blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral arteries. LATERALITY, 2007, 12 (1), 31 -49. Tranel, D., Damasio, H., Denburg, N. L., & Bechara, A. (2005). Does gender play a role in functional asymmetry of ventromedial prefrontal cortex? Brain, 128 , 2872 -2881;  Jung, R. E., Haier, R. J., Yeo, R. A., Rowland, L. M., Petropoulos, H., Levine, A. S., et al. (2005). Sex differences in N-acetylaspartate correlates of general intelligence: An 1H-MRS study of normal human brain. Neuroimage, 26 , 965-972.), genetics, behavior, learning, disease predisposition, pharmacology, etc. Studies in education will focus on gender-centered education models. Culture and history will evaluate the history of gender contributions with a view to improving conditions and capabilities. Religious and theological understanding of the purpose of gender differences, should be made more accessible to the public, with the view that gender complimentarity is both doctrine and science.  This productive discourse will be helpful to society rather than our talking at each other on issues.

Lastly, and above all, we employ you to take the stance that, we are all one people under God. The unity of all peoples of the World is in our common belief in one God, even when we profess different religions. Unless, we find unity in God, humanity is doomed. This universal truth is best expressed by the U.S national motto In God We Trust. In keeping with this great tradition of the founding Fathers of the United States, from the days of Abraham Lincoln, we urge you to defend this trust in the Living God, and protect all lives starting at conception (as defined in the Hippocratic oath and affirmed by the World Medical Association) to the point of death.  If the latter be your legacy, it will be for all generations remembered that, you put your trust in God in much the same way as your predecessor Abraham Lincoln.

We once again congratulate you as the new President of the United States of America, and leader of the largest Western democracy. We pray that God guides you, and protects you, give you the strength to meet the challenges of your office.

Long Live the Great People of the United States of America!

Long Live the President of the United States of America!

We thank you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Prince Dr Philip Njemanze MD
Chairman African Anti-Abortion Coalition and Global Prolife Alliance (GPA)

Copies Sent to:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Heads of States of G8 and African Countries

UN Secretary General

European Union President

Head of World Bank

Head of International Monetary Fund

Bishops’ Conferences in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa

International Press

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